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Who We Help

Helping Individuals and Businesses 
with State and Federal Tax Issues

Whether you are a small business owner, self-employed, or work for a large company, Jones Tax Solutions can help you resolve your tax problems so you can sleep at night. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to ensure compliance so you can avoid having to deal with stressful tax issues again.

Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we handle a full range of tax issues, large and small. We can answer a simple question or address a complex tax issue that spans years and states. No matter what problems you’re facing, you can count on honest answers from an experienced tax professional who is truly on your side.

Couple struggling with tax problems

Tax Problems Can Affect Anyone

Tax problems can affect anyone. In fact, studies show that the people most likely to be audited by the IRS are those reporting very low incomes and those reporting very high incomes. There’s truly a wide range of people who find themselves dealing with tax problems. We’re here to help, no matter your tax issue.

Our clients include:

  • Self-employed workers such as truck drivers or construction workers
  • Small business owners
  • Employees of companies who changed withholdings
  • Individuals who have fallen behind on income tax
  • People who have had hard times financially or with their personal lives

Jones Tax Solutions Can Help

Just like there are many people who experience tax problems, many solutions may work to solve them. The options available to you will depend on your personal situation. We may be able to create a tax debt solution for you, including:

  • Establishing an affordable payment plan for back taxes (instead of a full lump sum payment)
  • Negotiating a tax resolution that will fit your needs and your unique situation
  • Working with the taxing authorities to extend the amount of time to pay off debt
  • Helping you meet needed tax obligations
  • Providing education on how to avoid tax problems in the future
  • Preparing and properly submitting tax forms
  • Being an ally in finding a solution and a satisfactory conclusion to your tax problem

Get Help With Your Tax Problems

Ready to put your tax problems behind you? As an experienced tax professional, Tyler Jones can help. Call (320) 327‑8409 for a no-obligation consultation about the tax matters you’re facing. Consultations are private and honest. No matter what you’re facing, we’ll answer your questions and work to get you back on track.