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Women having paycheck cut showing wage garnishment

Garnishments, Bank Levies & Covid-19

Wage garnishments and bank levies are two of the most common methods creditors, including the IRS, use to get paid for delinquent accounts. These are legal actions creditors can take when you’ve failed to pay a debt. What Is Wage Garnishment? Wage garnishment is a court

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line of unemployed workers

Tax Deductions & Credits When You’re Unemployed

The Coronavirus has sky-rocked unemployment in the US, leaving many Americans to struggle financially. If you have recently found yourself unemployed or furloughed due to COVID-19, you may have more pressing things to worry about than your 2020 income taxes. Unfortunately, unemployment income is taxable,

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Man Freeing Himself from Tax Debt

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

If you’re dealing with tax debt, you may worry that you’re never going to get ahead. How do you settle your debt without incurring interest, penalties or more debt? The IRS Fresh Start Program could help you affordably pay off what you owe the IRS. What

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Ways to Save and Lessen Tax Liability for 2020

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has adversely affected many people and businesses. The government has been working to ease the financial impact of the pandemic through various relief and stimulus plans. Many of which have created opportunities to reduce personal and business taxes for the

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Tax Changes Due to COVID-19

When the IRS first announced the extended deadline for 2019 federal income tax returns, July 15, 2020 seemed like a lifetime away. But now that we are approaching the end of that automatic extension, it’s important not to lose track of time. Here’s what you

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