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Tax Resolution

Tax Debt Resolution Services That Meet Your Needs

Tax debt can be emotionally distressing, time-consuming and financially devastating. When your business or family owes delinquent taxes, the stress can seem to take over your whole life. The good news is that it’s possible to resolve tax debt, and Jones Tax Solutions can help. At Jones Tax Solutions, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we offer many different types of tax resolutions and payment plans to fit your needs and your situation.

Arranging Affordable Tax Resolutions & Payment Plans

Tax resolutions with Jones Tax Solutions are customizable. We will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and your current situation. We can help you deal with the IRS and your state tax agency, including:

  • Audit representation
  • Arranging installment payment plans
  • Arranging hardship statuses, like “Currently Non Collectible” status
  • Innocent spouse relief

Protecting Your Home, Assets & Wages

Jones Tax Solutions will help protect your assets, whether that’s your home, vehicles, or wages. If you have received a warrant, garnishment or levy notice, we can help protect you and your family.

  • Tax lien prevention: If you think the IRS might file a tax lien, you can prevent it by setting up an installment agreement with the IRS that meets certain requirements.
  • Tax lien removal: If the IRS has already filed a tax lien, it’s possible to get it removed with the help of a tax professional. Liens can be removed through withdrawal or release. For example, by the completion of an “Offer in Compromise” or if the lien becomes unenforceable due to the statute of limitations.
  • Levy release: A levy happens when the IRS takes money out of your bank account. Setting up a payment plan or other arrangement with the IRS can stop (or “release”) the money.
  • Stop wage garnishment: Wage garnishment happens when the IRS takes money out of your paycheck. We can help stop wage garnishment by negotiating with the IRS and setting up a payment plan or other arrangement.
Person on the phone getting help with taxes

Communicating With the IRS (So You Don’t Have To)

It’s a common problem: People who are feeling overwhelmed by debt tend to ignore letters and calls from the IRS and their state governments. Tax problems can stay with you unless you have someone on your side. At Jones Tax Solutions, we can talk with the IRS regarding the tax resolutions that are right for you. That way, you get someone who is truly on your side. You gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing matters are being handled effectively, and you don’t have to worry every time the phone rings.

Contact Jones Tax Solutions

Tax problems tend to get bigger and snowball over time, so it is important to act quickly. If you are facing a personal or business tax problem, contact us for a confidential consultation. We have helped others through similar situations and can provide guidance. Call Tyler today at (320) 327-8409 to get started.